Andrew looks over Nosher's desk partition

Andrew looks over Nosher's desk partition

A test photo looking out of the office window

Andrew looks over the desk barriers

Nosher's desk

Francis looks up

Isobel, Tim and Mrs. Tim

Tim gets a drink

Qualcomm in Jesus College's Upper Hall

Isobel chats to people

Andrew, Leon's girlfriend and Mrs. Tim

Gordon and Pietro

Quality photo of James and Kat

Tim smiles

Nick goes in for a spot of gurning

Isobel grins

Anne and Petay

Anne and Petay pull a cracker

Erica with a sparkly silver hat

Dinner is served

James does rabbit-ears

Stef on the top table

James and Mrs. James

Pete and Cliff Dive

Cliff and Tim

Jesus College's Lower Hall

People spot Nosher taking photos from the gallery

The Lower Hall from the gallery

Tim does a speech

Stef says no

Qualcomm applauds the speeches

Otto gets a gift

Jesus College courtyard, near the student bar

A vigorous game of table footie is underway

Dave at the bar

Nosher and Isobel

Nadine, Liam and Dave Read

More table-footie action

Nick B and 'Rob Brydon'

It looks like someone's guffed

James and Rob

Strange looks from the graphics crowd

Peter Knowles and Mrs Pete

Erica with Peter Knowles

The gang in the bar

Post-mix fizz is poured

The late-night crowd

Andrew holds a beer up

Stacked frost on twigs looks like motion blur

Isobel looks cold

A frozen rose

Isobel down at the market place in Diss

A misty Market Place

A dewey spider web