Qualcomm Cambridge's Christmas Do, Jesus College, Cambridge - 20th December 2006

It's the annual Christmas thrash: originally, it had been planned to revisit Kings College, but that had been cancelled pending the UK-wide event being held at Ascot. However, minimal interest in travelling anywhere mean that a local event was required after all, and luckily a cancellation appeared at Jesus College to fill the requirement.

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Test photo #3 from the shiny new Pentax K10D - looking out of the office window

Francis T looks warily at the camera

Isobel, Tim and Mrs. Tim

The assembled crowds in Jesus College's Upper Hall

The Upper Hall

Andrew, Leon's gf and Mrs. Tim

Quality photo of James and Kat

Nick C goes in for a spot of gurning

Isobel grins

Petay reads through the menu with Anne

James does rabbit-ears

James and Mrs. James

Jesus College's Lower Hall

Several people spot Nosher taking photos from the gallery

Lower Hall from the gallery

Tim S gives a speech

Tim gets a gift from Andrew Gilbert

Jesus College courtyard near the student bar

In the bar, a vigorous game of table footie is underway

Nosher and Isobel

Nadine, Liam and Dave R

Dancing around

Nick B and 'Rob Brydon'

Nosher and Isobel

James and Rob

Strange looks from the graphics crowd

Peter Knowles and Mrs Pete

Erica with Peter Knowles

More table-football fun

Andrew H and a pint of beer

The following day, stacked frost on twigs looks like motion blur

A frozen rose

A misty pre-Christmas Diss market place

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Test photo #3 from the shiny new Pentax K10D - looking out of the office window