Scarecrow in a field

Scarecrow in a field

There's another scarecrow somewhere in Suffolk

The Kingston Street bathroom

Isobel cleans up the fridge

50s glazed fireplace in the bedroom

Isobel does a bit more cleaning

The tidied-up lounge

The passage down to the back garden

The BBs set up in the Brome Grange

Max and Jo

Rob sticks some lights up

Max roams around

Stacked cars and tail-lights on the M25

Qualcomm Cambridge

John Scott reads the menu

Tim and Mrs. Tim

Tim mingles from table to table

The Hammersmith office crowd, plus Pete Knowles

A fancy pudding arrives

Tim in conversation

John's missus and Tim

A slight-blurry Nosher and Isobel

The disco does its thing

A nice cup of tea

Typical fascist Mercedes parking

Sam and Daisy in the Cock Inn

Sam on guitar

Daisy gets in the zone

In the Cock Inn

The harmonica player from Mellis joins on

The harmonica dude and Daisy

Rob's on the desk