Qualcomm UK's Christmas Do, Ascot, Berkshire - 2nd December 2006

Qualcomm UK (Farnborough, Cambridge, Poole and Hammersmith) holds a Christmas (yes, Christmas, not "holiday season") dinner at a posh hotel just outside Ascot in Berkshire. Nosher and Isobel head down as it's a good excuse for a night out somewhere different, but general turnout seems to be inversely proportional to distance. This means that there is about 8 of us from Cambridge, 10 from the Poole office and about 200 from nearby Farnborough. However, it turns out to be surprisingly enjoyable - helped along, no doubt, by copious quantities of "welcome cocktail" and some pretty good food.

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Stacked cars and tail-lights on the M25

John S reads the menu

Tim and Mrs. Tim

Tim mingles from table to table

The Hammersmith office crowd

Mmmm, pudding

Tim has a look of surprise

John S's missus and Tim

A slight-blurry Nosher and Isobel

The disco does its thing

A nice cup of tea

In the car-park of the services off the M11: typical fascist Mercedes parking

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Stacked cars and tail-lights on the M25