The Colourful Boats of Collioure, France - 20th September 2006

On the way back from Dalí's house in Port Lligat, we'd driven through Collioure, and thought it worth a second visit, and so Nosher and Idobel headed over for a day trip, seeing as it's not too far from Grape-Picking Central. The town is attractive in a Cannes type of way (and similarly busy with tourists) and it lives up to its name's inference with many particularly colourful buildings dotted around. There are also a few interesting quirks, including several pictures-frames-on-sticks where different views of the town can be seen, and the colourful boats down in the harbour

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Near the car park, several serious games of boules are under way

The colourful buildings of Collioure

Through the town, Collioure's defence force stages a march

Trees, flags and a roaming tourist

More colourful buildings, just like those seen in paint brochures

A woman sells stuff

The boats of Collioure in the harbour

Some geezer with floppy moobs takes a shower on the beach

Isobel cools her feet in the water

A couple of women have a paddle on the breakwater

One of the picture-frames-on-sticks nicely picks out the clock on the church

Isobel has a peer through a picture frame

A view of the old church and beach through a picture frame

A man reflects on the steps of a small chapel perched at the top of a rocky hill

Isobel slurps on a framboise glacé

A Fiat 'Italian Mouse' acts as a handy fruit basket

On the way back to 'The Grapes', near Le Bolou: a derelict building

Isobel looks all arty, leaning against the car whilst Nosher takes photos of random derelict buildings

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Near the car park, several serious games of boules are under way