Henry and Fiona's Wedding Reception, Suffolk - 2nd June 2006

Henry, drummer of the legendary BBs (the same band Nosher is in) gets married to Fiona, bassist for the band Moderato. The evening reception is suitably musical and involves at least 3 bands (plus assorted interludes) in a marquee in the garden. Kicking off the proceedings are The BBs, followed by ceilidh band 'News of Victory' and rounded out by a session with the Global Village Trucking Company - who include a great 70's-style prog-rock extended-solo wig-out number in their set. On the day after, when I returned with the car to pick up the gear (having consumed at least 1.5 bottles of wine and so cycled home), I arrive just in time for lunch, which was a bonus.

Henry, in white jacket, mingles through the assembled guests
Garden crowd scene
Fiona's daughter, Lucy (right), waves to the camera
Martin, plus three of The BBs - Max, Rob and Jo
Fiona, Henry and Lucy outside the marquee, guest-greeting
Big round tables in a tent
Max and Rob have a giggle
Professional photographer Jonathan Slack and his wife share a table with Nosher
More guest photos...
James Lascelles' bright purple jacket
Fiona and Henry prepare to cut the cake, and give a small speech
Lucy tips a tub of confetti
Cake cutting
Fiona and Henry
Henry leads Fiona to the 'first dance'...
...which is The BBs' rendition of 'I just wanna make love to you' (sans drums)
Lucy sings a song
A small girl pirouettes as the crowd watch Lucy sing
Elsewhere, a piano is played
Massed dancing commences
Whirling around to a ceilidh band
Nosher's keyboards are shared by the bands throughout the night
The ceilidh caller, Derek Paice, and a modern djambe
Max takes a pic of Nosher, as Martin leans on his shoulder to poke his tongue out
Henry's head looks like it's been splattered with paint (thanks to a bright red spotlight)
Lucy and Fiona go head-to-head
Global Village Trucking Company start their set
An out-of-focus Henry gets a kiss from his Best Man
It's not every wedding where the Bride and Groom play in the band...
On Nosher's keyboards is James Lascelles, who plays for Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel
Henry lays some great stuff down
Later, Henry's son, Max, impresses whilst playing drums in a scratch band
Max has a hair moment
The morning after: lunch in the garden
Lucy swigs a pint of lager
The BBs' wedding pressie: a BBs' Bay Tree (thanks to Jo for organising :-)
Chairs and confetti in the now-quiet marquee
A final reminder: small, pink foil hearts scattered on a table