Nosher's Family History - 1880-1955

From Nosher's Grandmother's previously-unseen stash of memorabilia is an amazing collection of photographs of the family from around 1880 onwards.

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Granny Elsie's father, c.1880

Elsie, circa 1915, aged around 18

Margaret, at St. Mary's Junior School, Rawtenstall Lancashire (6th from left, 3rd row back). Bottom-left is composer Ernest Tomlinson

Margaret's father in his garden in Lancashire, c. 1915

Elsie and husband John, c. 1920

Margaret's father John, c. 1920

The Astoria Ballroom in Rawtenstall opens around 1920. Grandmother's parents are towards the left somewhere

Rawtenstall Parish Church Choir, 1924

Margaret and Elsie on a day out

Margaret, aged around 6, on a fairground ride, c. 1930

Elsie, Margaret and John

Margaret with parents and a family friend

Elsie's parents' Golden Wedding in 1946. They are holding a telegram from the Queen

Newspaper article referring to the previous photo, 1946

One of Margaret's old boyfriends

Elsie and John Riley's newsagent shop in Bournemouth

Newspaper article referring to Elsie and her husband John moving to Bournemouth to take over a newsagents

Elsie's sister

Joseph and Margaret on their wedding, circa 1946

Margaret holding Janet - right, her father, top-left and right - Elsie's parents and bottom-left - Elsie (Granny). c. 1946

James's wedding, 1947. Leftmost, Margaret

James's wedding - Jo, his brother, is 6th from left (also in RAF uniform)

James, his wife, Margaret and Joseph around 1947

Joseph, unknown and James, c.1947. Joseph and James wear the insignia of a Flight Sergeant

Janet and Neil, at Bournemouth or Southbourne, circa 1955

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Granny Elsie's father, c.1880