Nosher in Matrix House

Nosher in Matrix House

A photo of new starter Isobel

The sign dude holds on to a ladder

The new sign is hauled up

The new sign is installed

Steve Ives returns and chats with Andrea

Liviu gets a disturbing close-up of Nosher

Liviu grabs another photo of Steve

Wendy has a snack

The Q-Ton/Trinity Centre's Bar@24

The Trigenix/Qualcomm gang in Bar@24

Craig contemplates stuff

Tim Simpson does a presentation

Richard Panton perches on an armchair

Tim reads out a speech to Wendy

Tim gives Wendy a farewell snog

Lucy and Wendy

The snow comes down on the B1077

The A140

Rectory Road in Brome, in the snow

A view to the crossroads

A heavy tractor unit negotiates the snow

The Swan in the snow

Suey roams around on a snow day

Suey builds a snowman

The postbox and village sign

Diss and a partly-frozen Mere

A couple of ducks waddle around

Seagulls stand on the frozen Mere

Part of the Mere is almost completely frozen over

Diss Publishing book shop

The market place and Post Office in Diss

Market greengrocers

Andy the Sausage in his van

Looking down St. Nicholas Street