Marc's a got a rare suit and tie on

Marc's a got a rare suit and tie on

Spammy's on bitter lemon

Alan dries up a glass

Spam and Pippa

Colin and Jill

Sylvia pulls a pint

Jill tweaks Colin's nose

Bread rolls are dished out

Wavy gets a card

Ninja M and The Boy Phil

Wavy's got a furry hat on

Colin pours some wine

Bill looks surprised as Jen takes a photo

Sylvia brings some starters out

Paul butters up a finger roll

The naughty table

Jill looks back

Apple lobs something

Claire looks over


Alan and Spammy

Ninja M and Wavy

Suey does the magic cellophane fish test

Our growing collection of empty wine bottles

Bill has a swig


Another photo, plus a couple of Nosher paintings

Bill and Jen do musical glasses

Sylvia gets a gift from the club

The bike-club photo frame is passed around

Nosher gets an award as Crap-tain of the club

Hanging outside for some fresh air

Marc tries out Wavy's penny farthing

Paul has a go on the penny farthing

The Boy Phil, with Bill and Wavy

A group photo of the lads

Marc cycles about

Sarah has a wobbly go

Nosher tries it out, sort of

Bill and Jen, back in the pub

Wavy has gone all Clockwork Orange

CSI forensics extracts a photo of two arses

Bill and Marc discuss arse photos

Jen and Sarah share a moment

Colin tries the hat on

Wavy takes a photo as Suey hides

Jen busts into the boys' bogs

Bill tries to keep the girls out

Sarah's chalk graffiti tells it like it is

Jen and Sarah in the bogs

Jen helps DH to have a wee

Bums in the air

Apple with a cracker moustache

Marc has a quick sleep

Pippa and Apple

Colin with furry hat again

Pippa chats to Suey

Bill squirts water about for some reason

DH tries out the penny farthing

Wavy heads off

Bill eats his tie

Jen gets a bit wild on the bench outside