Andy the Sausage in action

Andy the Sausage in action

A family eats snacks by the town sign

Some dude reads a newspaper by the Mere

Someone feeds a pigeon on the fishing pontoon

There's a mass of geese and ducks by Mere's Mouth

More duck feeding

Geese and seagulls do a face-off

A couple of white ducks float about

A small dog waits outside the sweet shop

Norfolk Yard in Diss

Mount Street and the Saracen's Head

Roger and Richard in Browne's

Richard looks about

Richard hauls a lamb carcass around

Bindery Dave and Bindery Sue are spotted in Diss

Seagulls fly about

A mini bench picnic by the Mere

Andy the Sausage over the hedge

A seagull perches

A woman gets doves and pigeons to land on her

Feeding the pigeons

Pigeons, ducks and geese are all in on it

Putting the pigeons on the bin

A dove on the head

A misty Mere

Diss park

A Moorhen scoots past a life belt

Private fishing sign

Skaters outside St. Peter Mancroft in Norwich

Looking towards City Hall

More skating action

The statue on the Haymarket at Hay Hill

Gentleman's Walk, Norwich

Under the trees on Gentleman's Walk

The Royal Arcade, Norwich