Alan's chain falls off on the way to Brockdish

Alan's chain falls off on the way to Brockdish

Alan in the Duke William, Harleston

Clare, Jess and Jen arrive

Spam has a beer (not really)

At the bar of the Duke William

Jen chats to Wavy

The Boy Phil has got the beers in

Pippa, Alan and Apple

Wavy checks his change

Wavy writes a text

The landlord of the Duke William

Phil, Bill and Wavy by the town sign in Harleston

Wavy at Needham Roundabout, off the A143

Wavy in a May Gurney hi-viz

The Boy Phil goes for a wee

Phil and Bill in the Hoxne Swan: Broadside £2.50

Bill stops for a wee on Oakley Hill

Wavy spots confectionery on the road and eats it

We spot Pippa coming the other way

Wavy seems satisfied with his road-kill chocolate

Bill and Pippa help to pick up the rubbish

Bill bags another bar

Suey's doing some baking

Marc gets some cash out

The boys in the kebab shop

The Boy Phil looks at meat-on-a-stick

Marc and Phil round Nosher's pad