DH and Pippa in the smoke

DH and Pippa in the smoke

John Willy grabs at Wavy's sausage

Suey and Apple

DH chats to Pippa

Neil, the birthday boy

Sylvia lights a candle

A two-part cake

Neil stands by his cake

Paul and Sally

Wavy and a Mad Dog teeshirt

Dancing in the family room

Apple hides behind two balloons

Sylvia and Alan behind the bar

There are a load of balloons stuck to the ceiling

Apple and John Willy share a moment

Paul with a small green balloon

Bill praises the ceiling

There's some mad dancing going on

Apple's down

A bit of smoochy dancing breaks out

The lads get their knees out for some reason

John Will says no

Carolyn and Anne get raunchy

More dancing

The blackboard in the bogs has been busy