Wavy's got his best party hat on already

Wavy's got his best party hat on already

Anne cracks open a bottle of vino

Jenny looks at Stickie the rabbit

Carolyn and Wavy

Hanging around by the fish pond

Jenny, Wavy and Anne pack in to the back of Carolyn's car

Carolyn does a spot of driving

Anne squeezes out of the back of Carolyn's car

Wavy lets a fart out

Heading off to Waitrose

Lurking in the fruit section

Milling around Waitrose

Mangoes act as substitute boobs, or something

Looking for booze

Checking out

Anne with a strawberry

Jenny's on sauce duty

Nigel and Wavy

Carolyn gets lunch sorted

Wavy adds pepper

Anne surveys her two glasses of red wine

Wavy has a small blob of cheese

We head off for a walk

Contra-jour river and trees

Jenny, Anne, Nigel and Wavy hang around

Walking around the wilds of Norfolk

More walking the lanes

Bleak trees in the flat-lands

Nigel and Wavy lob rocks at each other

Jenny goes over to stir the cows up

Carolyn thrashes Nigel with a stick

Wavy has a wee

It's time for Pooh sticks

Playing Pooh-sticks over the bridge

Paddling around in the freezing water

Nosher and Anne brave the 6°C water

We leave some chalk graffiti behind

Waling around under the bridge

The post-paddling team

Wavy does Hop-Scotch

On the way back we spot this sign: 'Drive you steady bor!'