Carolyn on Sunday, Norfolk - 23rd March 2003

The gang head over to Carolyn's for Sunday lunch. Cue a load of shenanigans, including Stickie the rabbit, hopscotch and a run around Waitrose supermarket to scope for mangoes...

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Wavy's got his best party hat on already

Anne cracks open a bottle of vino

Carolyn's gaff

Jenny, Wavy and Anne packed in to the back of Carolyn's car on the way to Waitrose

Carolyn does a spot of driving

Wavy lets a fart out

Milling around Waitrose

Mangoes act as substitute boobs, or something

Looking for booze

The check-out operator thinks we're clearly all nuts

Anne surveys her two glasses of red wine

Contra-jour river and trees

Jenny, Anne, Nigel and Wavy hang around

Walking around the wilds of Norfolk

Bleak trees in the flat-lands

Jenny goes over to stir the cows up

Wavy has a wee

Playing Pooh-sticks over the bridge

Paddling around in the freezing water

Nosher and Anne brave the 6°C water

We leave some chalk graffiti behind

The post-paddling team

On the way back we spot this sign: 'Drive you steady bor!'

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Wavy's got his best party hat on already