More Mid-lane Tossers on the A14

More Mid-lane Tossers on the A14

Wendy and Michelle in the hotbed of HR

Michelle - birthday girl

Meanwhile, Dominic is in the lab

Everyone piles out of the car in St. Ives

The gang walk from the car park

Scenes from a Chinese restaurant

Nosher, with silver shirt

Kate sticks her tongue out

Clare 'Geezer' LH weilds some chopsticks

Nosher picks his peas out

Genaya gets food flicked at her

The restaurant owner brings over a novelty dessert

Michelle is surprised by a phallic banana

Hands up

Steve, Stef and Dogs on the streets of St. Ives

Michelle reads some cards

Wendy and Steve Ridley

Steve, Nosher and Stef - the lads

Michelle and a friend

Julian's got a furry wand

Julian and Michelle

Wendy waves

Dogs does some sort of dancing move

Michelle gets cheeks squished by Wendy

More dancing

Hannah throws some shapes

The St. Ives nightclub scene

Nosher grooves

Michelle and Nosher

Julian waves his wand about

Genaya eats some post-club food

Flaking out

Michelle checks her phone

The next morning, Julian reads a magazine

Hannah rustles up some breakfast

Julian drives a radio-controlled car around

Julian has a quick nap