A Road-trip Through Rotorua to Palmerston, New Zealand - 27th November 1992

After a few days hanging out at Clive's motel in Ferry Landing, Nosher and the Old Chap set off on a drive along the spine of New Zealand's North Island through the volcanic centre of Rotorua, Lake Tapoe and the central desert and on to Palmerston North and a meeting with some cousins. Rotorua was a bit of a washout: sleeping with the constant smell of sulphur in the air meant a very sick Nosher by the next morning, so the drive down towards Palmerston was not as much fun as it would have been. The journey ended up being equally broken up by stops for fresh air thanks to the pervading smell of leather and age from the huge tank of a Ford Falcon that we'd borrowed from Steve, and the stops to fill the thing up with petrol every few miles.

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A shopping street in Napier

A brass band play Christmas tunes

A Napier street

A Kiwi road somewhere

A Maori cemetery

A cobalt-blue lake and some steam

The pool of our B&B/motel in Rotorua

Another view of the geyser at Rotorua

Nosher and hat in front of a geyser

The Old Chap stands in front of the geyser at Rotorua

Geyser action

Tourists inspect a ssteaming pond

More steam and alien colours

Dancing fountains

The Bath House at Rotorua

Verdant greenery and steam

Mountains and New Zealand foliage

The aptly-named Aeroplane Car Co., with an actual DC-3 'Dakota' parked in the yard

A Maori gate on the shores of Lake Taupo

A Parascender on Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo bowling action

The 3.7 litre Ford Falcon on the shores of the lake

The Ford Falcon up in the desert

Cousin Christine

Time for lunch round Christine's house in Palmerston North

Christine and her geezer

Christine, her husband, The Old Chap and Zack the cat

A Geothermal energy plant

Geothermal pipe work

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A shopping street in Napier