A bridge over a Dutch river

A bridge over a Dutch river

Corky takes a photo

Geoff and Linda

The gang on a bridge

A busy street, stuffed with bars

The Bontekoe Tavernein, Hoorne

The Bontekoe Tavernein again

Geoff and some statues on a wall in Hoorne

Sue and Brena look out across the river

At the river

The Eenhoorne river boat

Milling around Hoorne

Brenda waves

Sue and Brenda

Another street somewhere

Linda and Brenda roam around

Cheese scales in a restaurant in Edam

Sue hugs the legs of some statue

A dutch cat up on a roof

A brightly coloured plaque on a wall

Some sort of civic building

Sue sticks her tongue out

Corky and Linda

Some main square

Sue and Brenda by some dug-up tram tracks

A yellow Amsterdam tram

Sue mingles with the crowd

Brenda and Sue

Infinite bridges

The Magere Brug over the river Amstel

The Magere Brug - Skinny Bridge - again

The River Amstel, as seen by boat

The River Amstel

A river scene

Amsterdam canal

A gaudy floating homage to Malta

A river taxi called Lovers

In a bar in Amsterdam

Sue looks freaked out in a bar

Corky and Geoff chat to one of the locals

Amsterdam waterfront at night

Brenda and Linda on a train back to Diemen

'Mad' Sue on a train

Huts on stilts

Getting ice-creams in Vollendam

Corky, Linda and Brenda are ice-creamed up

Purposefully striding around Vollendam

Seaside huts in Vollendam

The gang roam around