A dude shows us a typsetting frame

A dude shows us a typsetting frame

The print dude preps some printing

The museum's printing room

Some kind of iron foundry

A very smoky ironworks

Industrial Revolution action

Making cast iron

A girl in a Victorian apothecary

Hamish in an old butcher's shop

A dark machine room

A lovely hand-made boat

The world's first-ever Iron Bridge

A mountain fence

A mountain pass through Snowdonia

A derelict tower and some open-cast mining

Hamish takes a photo

Nosher with a flat cap

Nosher in the mountains

Hamish sips some water and surveys the view

Hamish and the mountains

A view of Snowdonia

Hamish strolls through Caernarfon Castle

Caernarfon Castle

A Caernarfon tower

A view of Caernarfon

Looking out over the sea from Caernarfon

South Stack and the lighthouse

A sheer drop at South Stack on Anglessey

South Stack Lighthouse