Dinner Round Geoff and Brenda's, and Hamish Visits, Stuston, Suffolk - 6th April 1992

There's a bit of a do around Geoff and Brenda's, a few days after getting back from a road-trip around Wales with Hamish

next album: The Election Caravan and a View from a Cherry Picker, Stuston, Suffolk - 9th April 1992
previous album: Capel Curig to Abergavenny: A Road-Trip With Hamish, Wales - 3rd April 1992

1992 David Cork and Sue 'Badger' Ogilsby

David Cork and Sue 'Badger' Ogilsby

1992 Geoff pours the drinks

Geoff pours the drinks

1992 Some dude and 'Mad' Sue

Some dude and 'Mad' Sue

1992 David, Sue and Mick

David, Sue and Mick

1992 Geoff pours

Geoff pours

1992 Geoff, Brenda and Sue

Geoff, Brenda and Sue

1992 Time for dinner

Time for dinner

1992 Geoff pops some fizz

Geoff pops some fizz

1992 Brenda has a laff

Brenda has a laff

1992 Badger and Mick

Badger and Mick

1992 Hamish looks mischevious

Hamish looks mischevious

1992 Hamish's girl

Hamish's girl

1992 Hamish and his girlfriend in Stuston

Hamish and his girlfriend in Stuston

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David Cork and Sue 'Badger' Ogilsby