In Diss, Monique feeds her new sprog

In Diss, Monique feeds her new sprog

Monique's baby

On the Harwich/Hoek Van Holland ferry, 'Mad' Sue gets her hair blown about

Linda, Brenda and Geoff on the decks of the ferry

Sue, Corky, Linda, Brenda and Geoff mess around on the deck of the ferry

Some sort of madness occurs

Geoff and Sue take a turn around the decks

Sue, Linda and Corky drink Jenever on the ferry

Geoff lobs a bowling ball down the lane

Mad Sue does a spot of bowling

Corky, Linda, Sue and Geoff mill around on the way to some sporting activity

Part of the Eemhof Center Parcs' complex

A brightly-coloured parrot or macaw

Geoff comes hurtling down a water slide

Brenda comes down the water slide feet-first

The big indoor pool

Corky's just about to flop off the edge of a water slide

A wall of water

Linda comes up for air

Time for a jacuzzi

Life in a jacuzzi

A leafy atrium

It's almost like Kew Gardens

Drying off after a downpour

Corky, Linda and Sue in an Indonesian-themed restaurant

Red light fountain

Our accommodation

The path from the apartment

Checking out bikes for hire

Center Parcs' ponds

Bright red pedaloes

The gang on a bunch of hired bikes

A picnic lunch on the last day

Geoff has a little beer

Passing around a bag of 'crispy chips'

Corky gives a belly scratch to a passing hound

A final photo outside the main office