Summer Days on Pitt Farm, Harbertonford, Devon - 17th July 1989

More days of hanging around in the sun on Pitt Farm in Devon, playing with Marty the dog. This particular trip was one of several that involved cycling the 20-or-so miles from Plymouth, along the busy 3-lane dual-carriageway that is the A38. There's also another horse ride up on Dartmoor, as organised by Rebecca Drummond-Hall.

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Andy, Rebecca and Kate

Andy, Nosher, Beccy and a couple of Kate's friends

Marty roams around

Angela and Marty walk down to the back door

Bill, Nosher, Diana and Marty sit outside for dinner.

Nosher flakes out

Angela gives Marty a belly scratch

Marty and Nosher

Marty, Angela and Oberon the horse



Nosher gets a lick

Angela holds out a flower for Marty to chase

Combine harvester

Rolling Devon fields in the sunset

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Andy, Rebecca and Kate