Andy, Rebecca and Kate

Andy, Rebecca and Kate

Andy, Nosher, Beccy and Kate's friends

Marty roams around

Angela slurps a bit of coca cola

Bill, Nosher, Diana and Marty sit outside

Nosher flakes out

Angela gives Marty a belly scratch

Marty and Nosher

Marty, Angela and Oberon the horse



Nosher gets a lick

Angela and Marty

Angela holds out a flower for Marty to chase

Rolling Devon fields in the sunset

Pitt Farm from even further up the field

A Combine harvester rumbles around

The New Holland Combine trundles around

The combine trundles around a field edge

Combine Harvester in the sunset

Oberon gives a nudge

Angela on Oberon

More trotting around

A pause for a horseback photo

Dressage at the Horse of the Year Show

Angela trots around the field

A companion pony and oberon

Oberon poses for a photo in a stubble field

Angela takes Oberon for a walk down the drive

Fore Street in Totnes on a sunny day

Newton Abbot

Newton Abbot's tower