Uni: Risk, Wyndham Square Wedding and Dave Leaves, Plymouth - 15th July 1989

There's a random wedding occuring at St. Peter's Church, just outside the flat in Wyndham Square - it's quite a big do with a horse-and-cart and video crew plus photographer, and it's certainly a nice day for it. Also, there's a barbeque in the basement of the flat - occupied by Raymond Ho and the Chinese massive - which is followed by a game of Risk. Finally, Dave leaves the flat for the last time, so Nosher and Andy see him off.

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Basement barbeque action

More barbeque shoe-gazing

A major game of Risk ensues

The game of Risk gets heated

Dave at the front door of the Wyndham Square flats

Andy, Dave and Nosher say goodbye

Downstairs from Nosher's flat, it's Angela's student bedroom

A student flat

Nosher's bedroom - neat and tidy, as usual

Nosher's bedroom again

The bedroom photo wall

Andy Dobie roams around in what was loosely called 'the garden'

The bride arrives

The bride enters St. Peter's Church

The church of St. Peter's in Wyndham Square

Wedding crowds in the street, as the bride does a circuit of Wyndham Square

A horse and cart

Bridal party photo

Milling wedding crowds

The teeming throngs see the bride and groom off

The horse-and-cart heads off

Angela in the river at Cadover Bridge

Angela stands around

Nosher with pilot shades at Cadover Bridge

A dusk view out of the Wyndham Square kitchen window

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Basement barbeque action