Andy, Rebecca and Kate

Andy, Rebecca and Kate

Andy, Nosher, Beccy and a couple of Kate's friends

Marty roams around

Angela and Marty walk down to the back door

Angela slurps a bit of coca cola

Bill, Nosher, Diana and Marty sit outside for dinner.

Nosher flakes out

Angela gives Marty a belly scratch

Marty and Nosher

Marty, Angela and Oberon the horse



Nosher gets a lick

Angela and Marty

Angela holds out a flower for Marty to chase

Rolling Devon fields in the sunset

Pitt Farm from up the field

Pitt Farm from even further up the field

Combine harvester

The New Holland combine trundles around

The combine trundles around a field edge

Combine Harvester in the sunset

Oberon gives a nudge

More trotting

Angela on Oberon

More trotting around

Oberon gets a pat

Nosher does a bit of walking on Oberon

Nosher pauses

Nosher poses for a horseback photo

It's just like dressage at the Horse of the Year Show


pony and oberon

Oberon skitters around

Oberon does a nice pose for a photo in a stubble field

Angela takes Oberon for a walk down the drive

Fore Street in Totnes on a sunny day

Newton Abbot

Newton Abbot high street

Newton Abbot