Marine Drive East and Beachcomber's Café

Marine Drive East and Beachcomber's Café

Barton on Sea's tiny petrol station

The Red House Hotel in Barton on Sea

The seafront, looking towards Hengistbury Head

Barton sea front and the Isle of Wight

Highland Road and Barton Court Avenue

Jon in his parents' antique shop

Jon in the antique shop on Old Milton Road

Jon outside the front of the antique shop

Jon and Nosher return from The Plough Inn

Jon on Fernhill Lane, with our bikes

Nosher's old pad at 61 Barton Court Avenue

Fleabag the Moog

Maria, Phil, Liz and Sean in Farnborough

It's lasagna for dinner at Sean and Maria's

Sean does the drying up

Sean's got a rather fetching tea-towel on

Phil and Liz mess around

A bit of armchair wrestling