Uni: Wembury and Slapton, Devon - 18th March 1989

Nosher and Angela go for a walk with Marty the dog to Wembury Head, and wander along the cliff path until we can see Noss Mayo. Later, there's a trip over to Slapton Sands - site of the infamous "Operation Tiger" in 1944, in which 946 US Servicemen died - on a cold a windy day, with Trotsky and Kate.

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Nosher makes some pastry in the kitchen of Pitt Farm

Angela and Marty

Jane, ?, Kate, Dave 'Trotsky' and Angela eat a Nosher Sunday roast, complete with a bottle of Sainsbury's Minervois

The Great Mewstone in Wembury Bay

Marty on a cliff path

Angela checks Marty's head

Marty takes a break

A view of Noss Mayo in Devon

Kate and Dave on Slapton Sands

Marty, Dave and Kate

Jane, ? and Angela stride along the beach

Slapton Sands

Some stormy sea action

Slapton Ley in the late evening light

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Nosher makes some pastry in the kitchen of Pitt Farm