Uni: Totnes and Dartmoor Pasties, Devon - 2nd March 1989

Nosher's over in Harbertonford again, from where there's one of many trips in to nearby Totnes. Then, it's one of the Wyndham Square Flat posse's occasional midnight trips up to Dartmoor in Kate's car (sometimes with Nosher at the steering wheel). We drive over the moor, packed in to the car, listening to Radio Luxembourg drifting in and out on Medium Wave, and end up somewhere taking the mickey out of a pastie sign stuck to a fence outside a café (only Andy Dobie, from Cornwall, was even vaguely local). Finally, it's a stormy day down on the seafront, and someone's windsurfing.

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Angela and Marty stand around in a wood somewhere

Mystery harbour (possibly Torquay)

Tuckenhay - site of Keith Floyd's first restaurant

Jackie, John and Angela in a pub

Angela and Jane

Totnes High Street

Inside St. Mary's, Totnes

The bottom of Totnes High Street

Totnes Market Square, all dug up

The red sandstone of St. Mary's, Totnes

A view of Kingswear from Dartmouth (thanks to Owen!)

The Francis Drake statue on Plymouth Hoe

Rooftop view of the Civic Centre

A bench in Beaumont Park

Beaumont Park houses

Andy, Dave, Jackie and Kate point at a pastie sign. Proper job.

Dave, Kate, Jackie and Andy pose on the bonnet of Kate's VW Golf

It's Kate's turn to do a solo bonnet pose

Waves crash on Plymouth Hoe

A windsurfer braves the winds

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Angela and Marty stand around in a wood somewhere