A Barton-on-Sea Miscellany, Hampshire - 7th July 1986

A few stray photos from the last week at Ford Cottage in Barton On Sea: back from Uni for the summer just in time to pack up and move to Lymington, via a few days staying with Dave Lock in Kent. Jon "The Hair" brings his lovely Triumph Herald convertible over, and we drive to the beach in the sun. Then, there's some general hanging around in the garden.

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Sis plays with Florence the cat

Florence (Fleabag) gets riled

Jon's convertible

Jon and his baby-blue Triumph Herald

Jon walks up the beach after a bit of a swim

Beach umbrella

An old couple on the beach

A bee with full pollen sacs visits a lupin

Picture-in-picture: the band Genesis

A flower

Circle Cat: Florence sleeping

Sunset on Barton clifftop

Dark skies over Barton

Sis soaks up some rays in the garden of Ford Cottage

Ford Cottage and Nosher's CB aerial

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Sis plays with Florence the cat