Uni: PPSU Office Staff and Office Life, Plymouth - 15th March 1986

It's not long after RAG week, and for some reason Nosher goes around the Plymouth Polytechnic Students' Union offices (which is a regular hang out) and takes photos of whoever's about. There's also a bit of a night in the SU bar, where Dave "Trotsky" has a visitor from Ireland

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Someone, possibly Dave Archer, tries to remain anonymous

Alun Evans, vice-president for Sport

Alun (also a fellow BABS student) gives a pose

Nick Aarons, VP Finance

Julie types something (on a real typewriter)

Dave Archer leaves the room

Maureen leans on the office counter


Mark Wilkins, I&CO, looks particularly smart for some reason


Mark Wilkins, Information and Communications office, again

Someone with a Morrissey haircut, and an '86 academic diary


Another of the permament SU staff

Rich Arnold, SU President

In the back office

More back office holiday brochure browsing

Unknown, by a notice board

Riki, with his Treboeth FC top

Riki and Dave

Dave Mallett and a pint of something

Christos Zarakovitis

Dave's Irish mate (and a few pints of cider)

Dave gets his head clobbered with a bottle of pils

Riki, Jackie Collins and Dave

Sam Kennedy and his girfriend (and several others)

Dave and his Irish friend

Sue Bayliss with a couple of halves

Angela and her boyfriend

Rich Arnold again

Mark Redmond, VP Academic and Welfare

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Someone, possibly Dave Archer, tries to remain anonymous