Uni: A Night In The Bank and a bit of Fly Magazine, Plymouth - March 10th 1986

The gang go out for a few beers at The Bank - a converted, erm, bank, near to the Theatre Royal just off Royal Parade. It was something of a regular haunt during the first year. There are also a few photos from the layout room of Fly, the student newspaper, and some sort of Psychology-student gathering.

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Rik, Dave Masterson, John, Dave Lock and Andy 'Bray-feature' mess around in Drake Circus

Rik's got a newspaper in his mouth, as Andy and Dave wrestle

Dave Lock and Andy Bray

Some potting-up in the bank

Rik's got Bray-feature in a headlock

Andy tries to pinch Rik's pint of cider

Riki Stewart, John Stuart, Dave Masterson, Mary Dicks, Dave Lock and Andy Dobie

Andy and Riki

Riki's got an odd face on as Andy feels the girth of his umbrella

John Stuart looks surprised

Dave Lock

The Psychology Massive mess around in someone's bedroom

Piling on a bed

Some sort of giggling fit

Frank and Barbara get in to a bit of bondage

Mark Wilkins in the Fly layout room

Mark Wilkins with a 'No chance, Fowler' sticker on

Mark Wilkins really likes his pole

Barbara helps type up a bit of Fly, the student magazine

Mark gets the beers in at the James Street Vaults

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Rik, Dave Masterson, John, Dave Lock and Andy 'Bray-feature' mess around in Drake Circus