Flooding on the A143 near Wortham

Flooding on the A143 near Wortham

There's more water near Wattisfield

The A143 is a river in places

There's a dude swimming in the A143 at Wattisfield

Water surges past houses in Wattisfield

The A143 becomes a lake near Stanton

Compeigne Way in Bury, just before it was closed

Debenhams at The Arc is becomming a Primark

The Apex on a rainy day

There are still remains of Topshop

Superdry seems to have shut up shop as well

There's not much call for outdoor seating

Isobel pays the Wagamama bill with her phone

There are a load of ambulances at West Suffolk

The exit off the A14 at Thurston is carnage

A car is surrounded on the Ixworth/Finningham road

The road to Finningham is actually a river

Another view of the road to Walsham Le Willows

The A143 as we near the Thrandeston exit

The kittens swirl around on the kitchen table

The bridge at Billingford

The river has disappeared

A Mini driver decides not to try it on

A view over the sluice gates, where the river was

Looking east from the bridge

The Waveney has definitely burst its banks

Grass and weeds line up where the floods flowed

The flood plains of the Waveney Valley

A view of the bridge from down the road

Silt and gravel on the road from the floods