Evelyn, Fred and Isobel near the Blackrock DART

Evelyn, Fred and Isobel near the Blackrock DART

We cross over the rails on a graffiti bridge

A 29000 Class DMU at Blackrock station

We walk past the graffiti sea wall

Poolbeg generating station and the Winkies

Isobel and Evelyn head off for a swim

Looking down the coast towards Dun Laoghaire

Fred's wrapped up in Isobel's scarf

Fred stumps off along the rocks

Colourful graffiti lettering

Isobel and Evelyn have finished their swim

One of Evelyn's swimming chums heads into the sea

The back of the Wicked Wolf bar

The old Blackrock Post Office

Fred and Evelyn have a pastry at Parlour Café

Blackrock high street

The boys watch Free Guy on telly

Isobel and Evelyn in the kitchen

The boys have a quick game of chess

Evelyn and Fred on the wall by the bus stop

We hang around waiting for the bus

The cool kids at the back of the bus

Isobel looks around

The Blackrock Centre has changed a lot

The junction onto Strand Road is closed off

A fancy building on Mount Street Lower

Harry on the bus stairs

A herring gull does a dance for worms

Harry and Isobel stride around Trinity College

A statue of George Salmon, provost of Trinity

The gang on a busy Grafton Street

We discuss where to go next

The Balla Bán art gallery alley

There's a huge Lego Eiffel Tower in the Lego shop

Harry looks at more Lego

Fred roams around looking at stuff

Fred loads up a pick'n'mix Lego tub, for €19

The boys compare their purchases

The boys outside the Lego shop

The Celtic Jewellers on Grafton Street

A swan sits on the path in St. Stephen's Green

Da Wheeze hangs around in St. Stephen's Green

A Common Gull floats around on the pond

Evelyn and Isobel on a bridge

A hotdog fountain in the park

Crocii are out in the park

St. Stephen's shopping centre

A busker at the top of Grafton Street

A Viking Splash Tour 'duck'

The Huguenot cemetry from 1693

Fred and Louise

An empty building on Ely Place

The skeleton of a giant Irish deer

Harry and Isobel look at cases of dead stuff

Harry peers at some fossils

More specimen cases in the Dead Zoo

An eel which died trying to swallow a frog

Insect specimens in cases

Fred gets a close-up of a moth

Jamie and the children meet us on Clare Street

Harry and Louise wait on Clare Street

Graffiti on the wall of Merrion Close

Louise waits at a pedestrian crossing

The former Sweny chemist

We're in Milano on Dawson Street for pizza

Milano's kitchen

Fred's made a Thing out of his pick'n'mix Lego

Harry assembles his Ninjago Lego

Fred gives the giant pepper grinder a go

Life on Dawson Street

Isobel gets some flowers on Grafton Street

Buskers outside Brown Thomas on Grafton Street

Annalua gives a look of ennui

Crowds on Grafton Street

Some dancing occurs

The buskers on Grafton Street

We're on the bus, after a run down Nassau Street

The bus tips us out on Monkstown Farm

We enter the top of Oliver Plunkett Avenue

Nicholas and Harry play chess