It's breakfast time in Blackrock North

It's breakfast time in Blackrock North

The seafront at Blackrock, Louth

Fred and Harry climb down to the beach

The cockle-pickers sculpture

Jamie and Isobel on the promenade

Fred, Annalua, Harry and Nicholas

The gang on the sea wall

Harry climbs around

The very pink Neptune Bar

We meet Da Gorls outside a café in Blackrock

Parlour Café in Blackrock

Blackrock High Street

Another urban 'village'

The revamped Blackrock Centre

Fred and Harry roam around in SuperValu

Isobel optimistically looks at fruit

Louise and Harry play chess

Philly, Evelyn and Da Wheeze on the No. 4 bus

Evelyn and Harry in the Sunshine Café

Isobel's friend Mafé meets us for a bit

The clan in Sunshine Café

Fred looks up whilst visiting the baby

Back out on George's Street in Dun Laoghaire

George's Street in Dun Laoghaire

Outside the Sunshine Café

Louisue does cheers in McKenna's bar

McKenna's Bar in Dun Laoghaire

Da Wheeze in the bar

The Grand Canal in Dublin

Graffiti and a Burrito café on Leinster Lane

Isobel and Harry look at Phil Lynnot

David Owens - busker - on Grafton Street

Stephen's Green shopping centre

Stephen Hawking graffiti on a telecoms cabinet

George's Street Arcade in Dublin

A lonely chair and signs for a vape shop

Harry and Isobel cross George's Street

Harry eats salmon sushi in Yamamori

Isobel and Harry in Yamamori

An old-school 'Fly 747' travel agent

We're back in Stephen's Green Arcade

Harry looks at art in a gallery

There's a pigeon dude near Grafton Street

We hang out on Stephen's Green for a bit

We have a quick drink in The Duke pub

Harry plays with something in The Duke

Paul Jenkins - busking on Grafton Street

A bloke holds up a Jesus sign

The retro venue

Isobel roams around

Guests appear as Harry stands around

A view from the roof of the bar

In the almost-outdoor smoking area

Annalua and Harry play Top Trumps

Julie does a bit of a speech

Harry and Fred look in a funky mirror

Back out on Nassau Street in Dublin

The Rock Road towards Blackrock

In Evelyn and Da Wheeze's back yard

The back of Da Gorls' house

Philly scopes out for some food

A Bee Friendly tag on a telecoms cabinet

Street Art on the bridge over the DART

Tags on the sea wall

Dublin Bay and Poolbeg Generating Station

More tags on a sea wall by the DART

Red and White tagging

A little shopping trolley is abandoned

A bright yellow tag

Another black-and-white tag

A Two Eejits tag

Heavily tagged litter bins

The increasingly-derelict Blackrock Lido

Another bee tag: Just Bee

Hanging out in Blackrock Park

The Blackrock Park band stand

We walk around the park

A duck on the pond

The boys cross a bridge

Fred gets grassy rolling down a hill

The buggy is pushed up a hill for a shortcut

The boys walk along the wall by the DART

More bee tags: Bee Kind

Harry runs around

Fred holds his hands up

We're on the travelator at Dublin Airport

The gates look heaving from a distance

Isobel gets a bit of reading time in

Harry does some tablet time

Our plane loads up

The old Dublin Airport control tower

Pilots: use minimum power

The view from the back of the plane

On the ground at Stansted

Another Ruinair bus unloads

Norman Foster's terminal at Stansted

We stop at Braintree Gridserve for a top-up charge