Fred stretches out having claimed a bedroom

Fred stretches out having claimed a bedroom

A view over Lough Foyle

Harry on the edge of the path

The boys explore the rocks

Pink flowers in the rocks

The boys by the edge of the lough

Isobel points out to sea

There's a little fairy house by the path

Harry flings some seaweed around

Lough Foyle

Derelict trailers say no to Joe McHugh

Harry plays with Fred's ring-ball thing

A corner of Kealy's Seafood Bar

The bar at Kealy's in Greencastle

Some of Fred's Lego

Isobel crochets in the window

Fred scopes out the chocolates in the shop

The hire car outside Kealy's

The staircase is a giant piano keyboard

The shop next door

The boys on the cliff at Malin Head

We head off up to the tower

Concrete WWII buildings

Fred and Harry in a derelict building

Isobel roams around at Malin Head

A sign for Station 80, Eire

Harry walks around on the rocks

Harry points up to the sky

Cottages in the wilderness

A Viking face looks out of the tower

Isobel gets a coffee from the van

Harry runs around

Isobel looks out to sea

A dog bowl with a scary cat photo

Isobel and Fred under the Malin Head sign

A traditional cottage near Malin Head

The boys scope out the Curiosity Stop

A sheep looks out

Fred finds a dead fish

Isobel on the beach

Interesting rocks and green algae

More cool rocks

An old shed in Malin

McClean's bar in Malin

The gang cross the road

Isobel and Fred in the café next to the apartment

Harry has a shout

The fishing marina at Greencastle

The boys watch some normal telly for a change

Fred does skimmers

We walk on to the Foyle Ferry

The ferry lands at Magilligan's Point

We explore the beach

Harry's found a bit of tree

We spot our apartment, on the left

Harry checks if the Martello tower is open

The firing range control tower

The Martello Twoer

Isobel scopes the menu in the Point Bar

Harry and Fred play Top Trumps

Fred has a toot on Flute B

Colourful fishing boats in the harbour

Sunset over Greencastle harbour

A derelict café at Shroove

Harry and Fred on a beach at Shroove

The black-and-white lighthouse at Shroove

Inside the derelict café

Fred plays flute in the dunes

A derelict house on the way back to Greencastle

An old bar is demolished in Moville

We have a bit of lunch in La Mi café

Another derelict pub for sale

An empty wide beach at Doagh

Traditional thatched cottages at the Famine museum

The dude tells us about traditional life

How water was collected back in the day

There's an interesting talk about death

A kitchen bed

The museum has an Orange Hall recreation

More traditional houses at Doagh

Isobel checks out the gift shop

An old petrol pump

A hand sculpture near the beach

The boys are dots on the beach

Fred roams around

There's a wedding party on the beach

Photos of the groom's party occur

Harry stands next to the stretch limo

Canny the Hermit's House in Doagh

A huge harvester gets stuck in Moville

The apartment's lounge has an original fireplace

A boat is being restored

Isobel at the bar in the Ferrypoint pub

There's a good crowd in the Ferrypoint

There's a darts match going on

The boys are buying sweets again in the shop

Isobel gets some supplies in Mclaughlin's