The canoe is down by the lake for the first time

The canoe is down by the lake for the first time

At the boat club for a test paddle around

Isobel eats a cold and windy picnic

Fred takes a photo of some ducks

The climbey tree has been chopped down

We have a quick picnic-bench snack

The canoe is ready to go

Fred and Isobel head out onto the lake

Isobel and Fred paddle around

Harry watches from the shore

Harry gets a go with some gentle paddling

Isobel and Harry pootle around

Fred and Isobel in a distant canoe

Isobel and Fred come back from a trip

The boys are on devices in the van

There's a music session in the camper van

Isobel's on the phone

A dog goes out on a paddle board

Harry waves a stick around

The boys on the beach

Fred gets a windsurfing lesson

Fred on a windsurfer

More mingling around Fred's windsurfing

Harry roams around with a tub of flapjacks

Fred goes out for another paddle

Isobel goes windsurfing

Harry watches some windsurfing

Fred comes back from a paddle

We have a drink at the Star Wing beer festival

Food vans at Star Wing

Outside Star Wing's taproom

A few of the outside barrels

There's a band doing its thing

We head off back to the car