Thornham Road is in full summer leaf

Thornham Road is in full summer leaf

An empty office building in Harleston

Fred starts on a massive Saturn V Lego project

Marc steals the camera in the Oaksmere

Marc takes a photo of Suey

Sue Ryder in Diss has packed it all in

Mere Street is quiet for a Saturday

The market place is almost deserted

A horse waits outside Browne's the butcher

The old posting establishment gets some work

The latest inflatable mannequin is a fly

Tantalising views of the timber work

Building works in Eye

There's an interesting contrail in the sky

Isobel meets a kitten

A tiny kitten appears

One of the kittens explores the new

The kittens' siblings

Kitten A on Fred

Fred with a kitten

There's a bit of a doze

Kitten B looks up

The boys get introduced to a snake

Another kitten sibling

Fred has a go of a snake

Mid Norfolk Canapies in Scarning

Harry roams around by the derelict garage

Harry looks around

The remains of the garage's shop

A display cabinet has been left behind

The burg of Scarning, in the middle of nowhere