There's a discarded laptop on the beach

There's a discarded laptop on the beach

Isobel and Soph the Roph help bury Fred

Fred's just a head in the sand

Fred the Head

Isobel's up in the dunes

Fred's still buried in the beach

Nosher buries Harry

Harry waves his bum at the sea

Fred and Harry hurl stones at the sea

Harry stares out to sea

A pile of crates in the Fisherman's compound

Massed lobster pots - old and new style

Piles of netting

Looking over the Blyth to Walberswick

Voyager's black hut on Blackshore

The ferry heads over the river to Walberswick

Another pile of lobster pots

There's a boat almost on the road

A pile that looks like a building has collapsed

It's heaving by the fish shops on Blackshore

People mill around by the Sole Bay Fish Co.

Isobel gets in the queue at Mrs T's

We wait for fish and chips

Another huge pile of junk

Peeling paint on Charlotte Anne

Lowestoft fishing boat LT422

A gull perches on a post

Pontoons at Blackshore

A derelict fishing boat

Looking over the river to Walberswick

The New Normal outside Mrs T's

Gulls explode into the air over the huts

Fish and chips all round

We walk back up Blackshore towards the car park

A view over the common to the Lighthouse

A wood pigeon on lobster pots

Walking back through the dunes

Fred tries to get warm

Harry stands on the dunes

Harry hauls a load of sand around

Fred dumps a pile of sand out of his teeshirt

Soph the Roph finds it hilarious

Rainclouds gather on the horizon

Slow pork roasting juice and fat looks like a beer