The road between Thrandeston and Mellis

The road between Thrandeston and Mellis

The muddy entrance to Judas Lane

Discarded agricultural equipment

One of Greater Anglia's naff new trains goes by

The two chapels on Eye Cemetery

The Oaksmere's drive

The Oaksmere pond is still frozen

Fred gets a comedy photo of a blue tit in flight

The back alley behind Browne's in Diss

The out-of-place 1970s building on the Market Place

A quiet Mere Street in Diss

The remains of the National Provincial Bank

Some ducks stand about on the ice

Some construction occurs by the Mere

Fancy new buildings on the site of the old Nunnery

A dove sits on the railings

The water level on the Mere is still high

Fred looks out at the ducks

The derelict infants' school in Diss

Fred roams about behind the United Reform Church

An abandoned cement mixer

Some sort of outbuilding

Fred by the old school

An abandoned toilet bowl

The socially-distant queues are back at Morrisons

The ice sculpture on Denmark Hill

Fred on Denmark Hill

Icicles on the roadside

The ice looks like candle wax of stalagmites

More impressive ice stalagmites

Fred pokes some of the ice

Looking at the ice

A snowy field on Denmark Hill

A car drives past the icicle sculptures

Snow drifts and a gate on the Thrandeston Road

An open gate

Looking down the road past Dairy Farm

A deserted Eye town centre

Linden House, Eye

Isobel walks past the florists in Eye

Church Street

Beard's Deli on Church Street

Snow looms behind the wind turbines

Boris Cat pawprints meet a pheasant in the snow

Deep snow in the garden

A jar is almost completely buried

A sunset over the side field

The Oaksmere's drive

Fred and Harry do a quick distanced hello

Fred on the ice

Tilly Dog roams around

Tilly gets a little snack

Harry's getting a bit wet

Harry digs around in the snow

A snowball fight breaks out

Harry runs away

The Old Swan Inn

Walking around the field near the Devil's Handbasin

Isobel and Fred on a field

Harry and Isobel

Fred's got a block of ice

Harry picks some ice sheets up

A frozen pond in Brome

The boys continue looking for good bits of ice

Harry perches on a stump

A small wood and pond on Rectory Road

The boys on ice

Broken ice has re-frozen

Harry stands on a shallow bit of frozen pond

Fred on the ice

Three layers of ice, about 4cm thick

Harry does a last bit of sledging

Snowdrops peek out through the leaves and snow

There's a nice pattern on the back-room roof