The pile of tiles

The pile of tiles

Fred rolls up a big snowball

Fred makes a small snowball

A snowman is made

Mr Snowman, with a carrot nose

Isobel and Harry join in

It keeps snowing

Fred also makes a Snow Cat

Harry pushes the toy lorry down the slide

The boys collect snow to make an igloo

Isobel drags the sledges around

Fred dumps some snow off

Thin snowy trees in the Oaksmere's grounds

Harry sledges down a hill

Fred goes down head first

The boys at the bottom of the hill

Isobel has a go too

Both boys go head first

Harry waves a stick around

Isobel on the Oaksmere's drive

There's been more snow overnight

Isobel roams around with a coffee

It's deep enough to cover up welly boots

A thick covering of snow on the side field

Fred drags a sledge to the back garden

The boys scoot down the small hill in the garden

Harry's not getting far on the flat lawn

The road to Eye

A hare springs across the road

The Oaskmere is a sea of white

We're back at the Oaksmere's pond

Harry and Fred

Fred tips over at the end of a run

Dragging the sledges back home

Looking up the road to Oakley

The boys up a drive

The snow is 15cm deep

Harry stands on a bench

The tracks of Boris cat

The boys play around in the snow

Fred shakes snow of a leylandii

Harry's got a big snowball

Harry sits in his half-finished igloo