Isobel orders some hot chocolates and snacks

Isobel orders some hot chocolates and snacks

Fred rumages around

Isobel waits in a mask, at CovidCon 4

Fred's got a milk-froth moustache

Isobel out on the watery path

There's not much difference between path and fen

Thick dead grasses in the fen

We negotiate a particularly-flooded section

Fred navigates the flooded path

A big fallen tree

Fred takes a photo of the tree's rings

Harry hangs on a gate

There's rain on the horizon over Redgrave Fen

Harry stops to poke a bush

A gate in the fen

Harry grabs a ball of dark earth

Further along on the dark path

Harry leans on a sign

We head back to the visitor's centre

Some blue tits do their thing on a feeder

Fred pretends to be 2 foot tall

Harry takes some photos

Harry takes a photo of the famberly

Isobel finds something amusing

Harry's photo of Fred in the car

Fred gets some pears in a depleted Morrisons

Fred, Isobel and Harry outside Morrisons

Isobel on Morrisons car park