Paul and The Boy Phil in the Mellis Railway bar

Paul and The Boy Phil in the Mellis Railway bar

Paul sits outside the Mellis Railway Tavern

Socially-distanced spots for seating

Harry flakes out

The audience starts to arrive

The players take a bow

Someone makes a presentation

The audience drifts off after the performance

Fred starts High School for the first time

At three Rivers, Fred's on the doughnuts

Allyson and Fred do some whittling

Time for toasted marshmallows

An idyllic view of the watermeadows

Hanging around the camp site

Lydia and Allyson head off

Harry and Lydia inspect the river

Allyson is on the paddle board

CLimbing down to the river

Harry by the sparkling river

Harry sticks his feet in the river

Harry and Allyson go paddling off

A small dog, with shark fin, floats past

Harry gets some instruction

Harry paddles around with Lydia

Harry and Lydia head off up the cut

A nice wooden boat motors past Isobel

A swan looks around for water weeds

Fred has a go

A view of cows over the river

The Air Ambulance clatters overhead

A dog stands around on the back of a van

We head off to the boat hire shed

Lydia gets a hug

The Boy Phil and Fred paddle an open kayak

The two 'boats' come together

We moor up at Geldeston Lock

It's time for pub

There's a US army vehicle in the car park

Allyson looks at stuff on the phone

In the beer garden at Geldeston Lock

The river at Geldeston

We prepare to reboard our river craft

Benson and Fred are back in the canoe

The Boy Phil and Harry paddle around

Fred paddles our kayak

The others overtake us, whilst Lydia is out ahead

Lydia heads up to the boat shed

Fred has a go at stand-up paddle-boarding

Benson loses his ball in the river

A skeleton tree

More campsite action

We head off to the nearby Ferry Boat pub

On the road to the village

A derelict cottage

There's some sort of boozy sponsored cycle club

The gang inspect the menu

Lydia builds a house of cards

Outside the pub, on the way back to the site

It's marshmallow time again

Our pitch

A view over the meadows

Harry and Lydie on a paddle board

Harry and Lydia are off out again

Lydia gingerly navigates past a swan

Harry climbs up to the pontoon

Billingford Windmill is now full re-sailed