Clip and Climb, The Havens, Ipswich - 15th February 2020

Harry gets invited to go to Clip and Climb in Ipswich for a birthday party, so we pay a bit extra to get Fred and Soph the Roph in too.

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previous album: Snowdrops at Talconeston Hall, Tacolneston, Norfolk - 7th February 2020

Sophie and Fred run around in the car park

Soph does some balancing

Harry gets some climbing in early

Hanging around

Fred pretends to play Zombie Outbreak

Sophie fishes basketballs out

Some climbing action

Soph and Fred roam around looking for the next climb

Head-to-head climbing

They get half way up

Soph scales another wall

Fred gets dragged up the vertical drop slide

Harry gets to do some climbing

Harry scales a pole

Some girls gets to the top of a very high pole

Jacob makes it almost to the ceiling

Soph goes up the slide

Sophie goes up again

Harry has a final climb

The children get to play the basketball game for real

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Sophie and Fred run around in the car park