Fred shows off his music for some reason

Fred shows off his music for some reason

David moves a music stand around

It's time for mince pies back stage

There's a general melee backstage

Terry's done the bass drum up with fairy lights

The band help put chairs away after the gig

In Gislingham village hall

Fred and Isobel decorate the tree

Isobel puts the star on with a long pole

Boris gets his spotty secret fur out

Millie and Boris have another busy day

Iron Man is doing some sort of exercise

Bernard roams around at the farmer's market

Fred and Harriet at Rickinghall

The band does a bit of setting up

The band waits to do its thing

We queue up for snacks in the interval

It's time for a quick drink of squash

The band gets ready for part two

Fred messes around with his jacket

Gaz pretends that a cracker is a telescope

The Four Horseshoes' Christmas tree

Harry is animated

Pippa looks like she's doing a speech

Pippa chats to Marc as Colin looks over

Fred teaches Gaz some origami

Marc has a bit of a yawn

Suey reaches over

A rosy-cheeked Colin

The 'top table'

Everyone's doing origami now

Syvlia checks up on a list

Gaz is not impressed with the 'cheese board'

Gaz has a paper plane

Harry and Gaz do something with paper