There's a demo outside the Nigerian High Commission

There's a demo outside the Nigerian High Commission

Free Sowore placards are waved around

Fred gets the matches

Fred's cake is right under the smoke detector

The cake is moved into the kitchen for lighting

Isobel and Fred light the candles

Fred blows them out again

The cake returns to the dining room

Censo tag in Tower Hamlets

Fluke and Dildo tags

A nice pastel-shaded tag, which looks like Roam

Another tag by T8C

T8C is active again near Brick Lane

Lots of tags, and a bit of Liverpool Street Station

A N graffiti and a bit of old station

A new Hitman Suks tag by Hotdog

New wall art on buildings near Brick Lane

Parched weeds outside Liverpool Street station

10Foot tag, which is probably about 10 foot high

There's a toad under the wellie boots on the porch

Nosher gets an old prototype Nokia out for a photo

The band warms up

Over at the Pennings, the GSB sets up

Fred pegs his music down, as it's a windy day

Graham the bagpiper does his thing

More bagpipe action, as the training band sets up

Fred does some sort of sit up/leg crunch things

A couple of large dogs go head-to-head

The scout leader comes over to say hello