The next day, Sis joins us for breakfast

The next day, Sis joins us for breakfast

Isobel and the boys in the Globe's beer garden

The boys look for yet more conkers

Fred's Lego Atlas holds up a conker world

More Lego action

Nosher and Sean head to Spar to get cheese and beer

Highcliffe town centre, as we wait for takeaway

Fred and Rowan play Lego in the evening

Harry looks for money, and finds a sticky frog

Coffee and hot chocolate with Sis and Caroline

Isobel and Harry

Fred checks his photos on Camera B

Harry finds a massively-unsuitable stick

We say cheerio to Sis and Caroline

Harry messes around with his new stick

Hanging around on the clifftop

Harry comes running back from the barn

We ask at the bar, but the flute's not there

The lounge at the Three Tuns

The back of the Three Tuns in Bransgore

Isobel phones the taxi company, but no flute

We're back at Sean's, so Fred's on the drums

We hang out in the garden with relatives

In the garden with the Geneva massive

Fred plays the rescued flute

Harry by the summer house

Harry plays with some darts

We take the dogs for a walk through Walkford

Harry's got one of the dogs on a lead

Fred gets pulled around by Binky

Sean and Harry

Michelle and Isobel on the beach

We head back to Chewton Bunny

The tide rolls in

Harry with the 'pottery' he had left to dry

Fred chucks sand at the sea

Fred runs off as Barney looks on

Harry and Barney

Fred stands on a rock and looks at the sea

The boys get their feet wet

Harry sings an 'owww' song as he walks barefoot

On the Chewton Bunny path

Another literal sign saying simply 'the sea'

Isobel and Michelle

We walk through Curtaintwitchers Close

There's an alley cutting back to Lymington Road

Harry on a bollard

Back at the house

At South Mimms Services off the M25

The barn-like interior of South Mimms

There's a cool racing car-type thing in the car park