Dave and Dominik

Dave and Dominik

Nick C gives the hairy eyeball

Steve H and F-dood

Steve Ives talks to Martin D

Nick and Stefan do some sort of counting with fingers

Mingling around

John S talks to Dom

Isobel chats to Dave B

Stef, Nick and Steve at the bar

Nick looks over suspiciously

John looks over whilst ex-Qualcommers eat lunch

Chewie shakes hands

The view of next-door from the top of MSR in Cambridge

Looking along Tenison Road from the top of MSR

Looking towards the University Library

More Tennyson Road

Two vehicles with almost-matching registrations

Numbers on an old shipping container

Biffa bins and some old warehouse building

Fred is at a party at Planet Lazer in Bury

Fred and his mates on air hockey

Henry watches Fred play Air Hockey