A Mini Qualcomm Reunion, The Wrestlers, Cambridge - 26th April 2019

Craig organises a reunion of former Qualcomm Cambridge employees at one of the old haunts - the Wrestler's pub and Thai restaurant on Newmarket Road in Cambridge. There's a great, and at times unexpected, turnout of former staffers, including Steve Ives - the founder of the 3GLab/Trigenix startup that became Qualcomm Cambridge in 2005. Nosher had arranged to be working in town on that day and was camped out at Microsoft Research near the railway station, but annoyingly was also doing phone interviews in the afternoon and so had to bail out a bit early. Sadly, this meant not getting a chance to even really speak to some people

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Dave and Dominik

Nick C gives the hairy eyeball

Steve H and F-dood

Steve Ives talks to Martin D

Nick and Stefan do some sort of counting with fingers

Mingling around

John S talks to Dom

Stef, Nick and Steve at the bar

John looks over whilst a bunch of QCers eat lunch

Chewie shakes hands

The view of next-door from the top of MSR in Cambridge

Looking along Tenison Road from the top of MSR

The view over the city, with the University Library and a bit of King's Chapel

Two vehicles with almost-matching registrations

There's something pleasing about these numbers on an old shipping container

Biffa bins and some old warehouse building

Fred is at a party at Planet Lazer in Bury St. Edmunds

Henry watches Fred play Air Hockey

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Dave and Dominik