The new Eye Library

The new Eye Library

Fred does Code Club

The Diss Express photographer sets up a shot

More Code Club action

We head outside for a photo for the paper

The old National Provincial Bank sign re-appears

Stephanie, the boys' new Stick Insect

The stick insect goes for a walk

The gang in Morrisons car park

Fred stands on a steel barrier

The boys in the charity-shop toy section

Fred flakes out on a granite rock

Harry jumps around on the stones

Harry interacts with Boris - Stripey Cat

Fred smashes open a coconut with a rock

The boys have a sign on their den

The boys in a dewey garden

Harry waves a light-sabre around

MDF steps lead into the boys' den

Harry and Fred lead the way

Harry in the den

Fred cycles around the Oaksmere

The boys spin around the roundabout

Fred and Harry on their bikes

The boys do circles

An old sofa gets burned up

Smokey old windows

An old bicycle seat pokes through the ivy

A bicycle handle peeks out

Fred pokes the firs with a very long stick

An old wheelbarrow in the weeds