Isobel pays for parking as a dog cocks its leg

Isobel pays for parking as a dog cocks its leg

The boys on the Shell

Harry has a shout from the shell

Fred and Harry mess around

The boys and Isobel on the beach

Maggi Hambling's The Shell

Harry flings stones at the sea

Fred and Harry shout at the sea, but the sea wins

Isobel in a new coat

Fred becomes one with the beach

Isobel and Harry walk off

A derelict fishing boat

The derelict boat on the beach

A very derelict diesel engine

Wrecked fishing boat, and old concrete weights

Ribs of the boat are the ribcage of a dead animal

A mess of ropes and old lobster pots

Outside the Aldeburgh fish stall

The Aldeburgh fish stall counter

Harry's got some crayfish tails to eat

Smoking fish is an improvement on smoking tobacco

Fred stands on an anchor

Harry roams around with his tub of seafood

The boys outside the fish shop

A herring gull looks a bit 'meh'

A bronze sculpture of Snooks is like HMV's Nipper

The old Aldeburgh Cross Keys pub

Isobel and the boys on Aldeburgh High Street

A sculpture made out of chicken wire outside H&J's

The chicken-wire sculpture at H&J's Café

Isobel wanders around with a take-away coffee

Aldeburgh sea front

Fred and Harry on the sea wall

Toy boats in a window

Walking on the promenade

The table of pebbles almost disappears

There's some anti-Brexit sentiment

The gang outside the South Lookout

More Brexit bollocks

Harry by the South Lookout

The boys dig around in the shingle

More fishing boats

Harry is a dot on the beach

The boys are back on the shell

Fred looks out to sea

Harry jumps off the shell

Harry looks like he's plugged in to a Van-de-Graaf

Fred's boots stomp around