New Year's Eve and Day, Brome, Suffolk - 1st January 2019

There's a party over at Nosher and Isobel's gaff, featuring food and the product of several weeks of brewing: three 19-litre Cornelius kegs full of home brew, all coming out of taps built into an emergency bar made up from an old chest of drawers.

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The scene in the lounge

A table full of food

In the kitchen, small boys are helping themselves to fizzy drinks

Kitchen confidential

Out in the garage, the bar is in full swing - with gas and everything

Marc and The Boy Phil

The next day, Isobel creates a crochet plan for a new blanket

Janet and James, who were over for the party, head out for a walk up to the church

Harry shouts about something

Fred does the 'loser' dance from Fortnite

Harry is excited to discover a partly-open sarcophagus

The gang return from a trip around the church

A derelict car in the woods

We walk back up the lane, past the former Dr. Vickary's house

We have a look around the new Victorian kitchen gardens at the Oaksmere

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The scene in the lounge