Ickworth House, Horringer, Suffolk - 29th December 2018

We do a late-December trip over to Ickworth House, so the boys can run around in the woods for a bit

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The gang wander through the woods

A digital photo of a pixellated photo in trees is quite confusing really

More hanging tree art

Fred's up a tree again

Harry and Isobel

What looks like the same tree has three very different trunks

Harry roams around near a pre-built den

Nice-looking bark

A very gnarly tree

The boys climb the incredibly gnarly tree

An alien head with lots of blob-like eyes

An avenue of pines

Tree skeleton overlooking the fields behind Ickworth House

Harry's got a box on his head, in the National Trust café

Fred and Harry (with box, still) in the National Trust shop

Harry and Isobel in the shop

Harry points to a massive gold bauble hanging from an equally-massive tree

Ickworth's rotunda

Isobel climbs the steps

Harry tries to do some hiding

Ickworth's rotunda again

Harry in an upturned tree stump

A carved dude stares out for ever over the gardens of Ickworth

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The gang wander through the woods