Boxing Day in Devon, Spreyton, Devon - 26th December 2018

It's a misty Boxing Day in Spreyton, so we have a short walk up to the shop and back before Sis and Matt come over for some Boxing Day lunch. Then, the next day, it's the journey home, which SatNav helpfully suggests is best undertaken by going back up the A303. Unfortunately, everyone else is doing the same thing so it takes about two hours more to get home than it did getting to Devon. At least we get to see Stonehenge in the dusk though.

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Fred inspects the Boxing Day lunch

A misty view over the Taw Valley from Grandma J's

Mother's garden

Tree skeletons and a Devon sky

Mother throws out some more birdseed

A muddy field in Spreyton

Walking up that hill

The house which looks a bit like Nosher's old house Ford Cottage

Harry and Fred

Harry buys some sweets in the Spreyton village shop

Isobel looks surprised in the village shop

The rolling misty fields of Devon

Trees in the mist

Spreyton church

Isobel roams around

An abandoned roller

Fred on the playing field

Blue sky and blue windows

Fred waits near the shop

The boys head up the lane to Grandma J's

Fred's up a tree at the services near Amesbury - it's a relief after a hundred hours in the car

Time for a bit of dirty road-food at Amesbury

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Fred inspects the Boxing Day lunch