Fred on his scooter

Fred on his scooter

Harry has a scoot around on the tarmac

Fred tries one of the exercise machines

Isobel looks around

Fred and Harry race around

Fred on the ramps at Southwold

A wide-angled view of the beach

The lifeguard beach hut

The Southwold promenade

There is an unusually-large number of gulls around

Along the promenade, towards Sizewell

The boys on the beach

Fred hurls a stone into the sea

A juvenile gull takes to the air

Gulls on the wing

Harry in a pit

Fred jumps down into a hole on the beach

A groyne on the beach

Abandoned scooters

The groynes are getting fairly worn down by the sea

Harry looks out to sea

Fred does some skimming

Fred roams the shoreline

Fred lobs more stones at the sea

Isobel looks around

Under the pier

Harry's on the 2p arcades again

Fred plays the Star Trek 2p coin shove

The boys share a Diet Sprite in the café

Fred waits for chips

Empty tables in the beachfront café

The fisheye gets the whole of the Orwell wall art

Southwold Pier - tells it like it is

The sun sets over Southwold

Fred on one of Tim Hunkin's latest machines

Fred does some exercise on the Quick-fit machine

Harry looks around in the Under The Pier Show

Enter the mind of a fly

Fred does the fly game

Southwold in the sunset

Harry and Isobel on the pier

Sea Foam trembles in the wind

The moon is out

More wibbly sea foam

Isobel gives Fred something she's found

The boys leap around

A pleasant view in the dusk

The pier building in the dusk

Sunset beach huts

Could be the 1930s, apart from the cars

Harry and Fred are back on the skate park

The boys are on a climbing frame

Beach huts in the gathering dark