Pumpkin Picking at Alstede Farm, Chester, Morris County, New Jersey - 24th October 2018

Thanks to a car borrowed from Phil and Tania, we get to go "up country" a bit and do a spot of pumpkin and apple picking at Alstede Farms in Chester, New Jersey. It's a pleasant trip, with orchards, pumpkins, some goats and a ride around in a trailer pulled by a tractor. Plus, we buy the world's biggest pumpkin - for $20 or something stupid - to carve up for Hallowe'en. Before that, we drive over to the boat pond in South Orange so that the boys can go mad in a playground for a bit, then follow that up with a stop at PieZon Pizza in West Orange - a place that from the outside, it has to be said, looks less than promising, but which does have genuinely good authentic-style pizza

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Isobel and the boys wander up Cherry Lane towards the playground

Fred runs around whilst Harry looks out over the 'ship'

Flags, and the Orange Resevoir

Swan pedalos on the Orange Resevoir

Fred pokes a statue

A bunch of traditional US traffic lights

Inside PieZon Pizza, with the traditional 'best in town' sign which they all have, but possibly true

Harry and Isobel, at the counter, look over

Fred and Harry

As we arrive at Alstede Farms, there's some sort of bird of prey in the sky

Isobel gets the entry tickets

The boys wander off with a fruit box

Harry runs around in the orchards

We head off into the maize maze

We roam around in the 'beginners' maze

We reach the centre of the maze

Isobel and the boys read something

Harry runs out of the maze

The boys in the rows of apple trees

We head off up the hill

Harry and Isobel

The boys are overwhelmed by the pumpkins on offer

Harry and Fred both choose massive pumpkins

Harry contemplates a big orange vegetable

Harry hugs his pumpkin

Pumpkins, and a cross on the hill

We haul our booty back to the pay point

Fred hauls our collection to the car

The famberly on a trailer

On the way round the 'hay ride', there's a cool derelict house

Pumpkin patch sign - in case it wasn't obvious

The Alstede Farm shop

We stop off for hot chocolate and get free popcorn

Harry does his best 'statue of Liberty'

Fred does the Liberty thing too

There sure are a lot of pumpkins about

Interesting vegetables

The boys mess around on an old McCormick Farmall tractor

Fred's too tall for the face-cut-out picture thing

Back at the house, the pumpkins are piled up outside the door

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Isobel and the boys wander up Cherry Lane towards the playground